• Wake up energized, full of inspiration for your work, play, family, and life?
    • Feel younger and look more vibrant?
    • Sleep restfully and peacefully?
    • Be more calm, centered, and present?
    • Hear your friends say “Wow, you look amazing! What have you been doing?”
    • Love what you eat and feel totally nourished, whether preparing your own food, receiving from your personal chef, or while you’re traveling?
    • Feel as confident in the bedroom as you do in the boardroom?
    • Look great naked (and have more stamina)?
    • Witness bothersome symptoms disappear?
    • Come off pharmaceuticals and feel better for it?
    • Experience the joy of aging without the sore back or joint replacements?


    Dr. Ben provides a Personalized Optimization Program (POP) via his proprietary Triple A Method: All Levels, All Systems, All the Time. Designed from Dr. Ben’s 20+ years of experience in research and medicine, once you POP you will become as healthy, energized, and resilient as possible by focusing on your unique individuality, applying practical solutions, and driving real results.

    1. We will get to know the real you on All Levels of your life. Your unique biography and individual biology, your meaningful relations, home & work environments, your values, fears, and challenges, how you desire to live and feel, and the legacy you will create.
    2. We will discover and track your total health status on All Systems of your biology. Your body is an ecosystem of systems and your optimal health requires a complete view. We effectively combine “low tech” self-assessments with leading-edge technologies including advanced laboratory testing and biometric data to provide you with actionable health & wellness insights. We analyze all your data and translate it for you into plain English so you’ll understand what it means, why it matters, and how to take meaningful action towards your goals. You’ll become empowered to increasingly master your health, experiencing more vibrant energy, greater clarity, and better stamina at home, work, and in your leisure.
    3. We will design the optimal lifestyle health plan for you, and support you every step of the way All the Time. Optimal health is cultivated through daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal practices. With time your practices ripen into habits. Habits re-create the new you. We guarantee your success by guiding you every step of the way to track your progress, move through obstacles, and when appropriate, increase your challenge level. Plus you’ll have my personal cell phone for whenever you require extra guidance.

    Getting Started:

    • 6-month starting commitment.
    • We are a remote practice and will meet by phone. (Say goodbye to waiting rooms and office visits. We deliver care to you.)
    • We are available to visit you at your home (requires travel fee).

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